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  1. Haunted

    Can we increase the UI scale more at 4k resolution?

    Would be nice.. I play at 4K 32"
  2. Haunted

    Nerf Auramancy, Battlerage, and Shadowplay

    Only one that needs a nerf is Battlerage, rest is fine.
  3. Haunted

    Need another server

    Plenty of land available if you ride around for reasonable prices. As Blondie said, the population has been declining and will continue to do so. New people will be just fine if they really want to play.
  4. Haunted

    Transparency and lack of commitment to the forum

    Really need fixes for the lag.. Yea I get it there's quite a few people on but it's far beyond acceptable.. Hopefully the server has a long life but I can see it getting stale and dying out with so many issues. Stay positive.
  5. Haunted

    Uncap Gladiator 1v1s

    OWPVP and Arena is not the same though. Uncapped glads is just another way for high gs DRs to just farm free honor all day like FFA. I mean, I really don't care at this point if they change it they do. There's so much imbalance and server lag at this point I'm not sure if it's worth worrying...
  6. Haunted

    i really really want to play this...

    There's more than enough land, plenty start from illegal farms to 1 house to multiple. There really isn't an excuse tbh.
  7. Haunted

    Commerce needs a buff/change badly.

    Super Ez to burn 10k labor tbh
  8. Haunted

    Need another server

    This is so dumb. Wow you saw land for 2k so everything must be 2k. There's certed land daily 500g and under, if you can't manage that you will never make it in this game. Stop whining thinking someone's going to hand it to you because that won't ever happen. There will be no other server, if...
  9. Haunted

    Uncap Gladiator 1v1s

    Should make it worth 0 Honor if you want the cap removed. Then you can PvP to entertain all day but you're getting nothing else for it.
  10. Haunted

    [PVP] Enable pre-popping of CC breaks (Shrug/Bondbreaker/Etc)

    Good idea, for whatever reason I thought this was already going to be the case on this server, pretty disappointed it's not. There are a ton of people (mostly DRs) that use macros in arena. If it isn't the 180 backdrop sleep macro it's cc breaker and more. It'd be even better to make leech...
  11. Haunted

    Housing issues - increase taxation

    Blah Blah Blah Your ignorance is far beyond my tolerance level, you won't succeed here and BDO will slap you around even more. GL
  12. Haunted

    Housing issues - increase taxation

    I won't be here for that, this is my "last ride". It was already pulling teeth to convince myself to play this server. They can probably get some people to do FS but it won't be like it is, I think most people are done after this server. No way I'm playing again, the game is too old at this...
  13. Haunted

    Housing issues - increase taxation

    You weren't here for land rush but feel you have adequate knowledge about whether it takes skill etc. to place a plot with all the chaos rofl. You don't know what you're talking about, end of story. On top of that, you're mad you don't have land (which is your fault, you came late, earn money...
  14. Haunted

    Housing issues - increase taxation

    It takes a minimum of 2 brain cells to log on when you know the land rush is coming, if you can't be on that's your problem especially when it's posted weeks before hand. That's the nature of the game and it doesn't need to cater to your circumstances. Putting a plot down is actually difficult...
  15. Haunted

    Housing issues - increase taxation

    I understand your concerns and I'm not dismissing them however the live servers and the issues they had were not solely from shortage of land from playing the game. Those servers were also plagued with people cheating, the ability to make infinite accounts etc. with 0 repercussions, bots to...
  16. Haunted

    Buff Archery (A Little) so it's not so punishing to main.

    Nerfing Battlerage/DR helps multiple classes at once for fairness so I agree. If they removed the 8% dmg on close enemies for Archery AND nerfed Battlerage/DR it would be such a massive improvement and win for the entire server.
  17. Haunted

    Battlerage Balance

    I kill plenty of DRs as a Prim but that doesn't mean DR/Battlerage doesn't need a nerf or other classes can't have a buff. Lets be real, out of ALL the balance issues in this game, the DR/Battlerage problem is SO bad -ANYONE- knows it's complete bs, that's why they made changes later. I'm ok...
  18. Haunted

    Housing issues - increase taxation

    Nah this has always been the way Archeage is. A lot of people own multiple plots because they make gold and buy more, just the same as you can do. If you can't afford a 300g 16x16, you're not going to make it in this game. Even if you raise the taxes, people will just make more tax certs and...
  19. Haunted

    Rebalance trade pack recipes similar to 1.0

    Agreed, trade packs should have better value. XL games changed it to revolved their game around a shit cash shop p2w grab, that's why it got ruined. Just like how purses got nerfed, because they don't want you succeeding from just playing the game they wanted your salary.
  20. Haunted

    Convert daily quests to weekly and reward 7x the rewards

    100% agree, I can't be bothered to grind this game daily like the old days, it's 10 years old and people's time should be respected. Newer games have seen this light and have made changes, there's no good reason not to do it here. Dailies are dogshit.