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    872 Affected on land grab?

    How do you come up with the number of 872 affected accounts for land grab? Are we measuring the 872 as who didn't even try to log in or didn't even try to change their clocks AFTER land grab but before servers came offline? I was one of the NA East players that WAS AFFECTED by the time zone...
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    Approved QOL based subscription for making $$$

    I agree.. larger labor cap is a QoL thing and doesn't give you and advantage. How great would it be to be able to go on a vacation and not fall behind....I would think making non-sub labor cap something like 30k and sub labor cap 50k or something. Not opposed to increasing both sides like a...
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    Rejected Item Destruction During Regrading

    I'm not a fan of catastrophic failure... just have it be broken and no-longer upgradeable like it used to be. Can either use it as is or salvage it maybe... or spend resources to repair it back to upgradeable state. Stuff blowing up is the whole reason AA live migrated away from it... its just...
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    Seasonal servers for when live dies

    Ehh.. No... If you want to do a season like BDO season where the server remains and you just make a new ALT.. then sure, but starting 100% anew..no thanks.
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    Pack materials - vocation seed materials

    I had let this simmer on discord a bit to see what inputs community has and pulling some of it and merging here. I know live AA live adjusted the packs that were locked behind vocation recipes to take significantly less materials in order to balance pack prices and not have any 1 zone be...
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    Snap-placement Planting

    I see there is another post that mentions snap-placement as well but leaving this as it points out a bit more about it. The other post mentions that planting currently has a 3 second cool down (global cool down) which we would also like adjusted or removed. I can understand it may have been...
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    Planting Timers / Auto-Snap

    Yeah. Planting GCD, Snap-placement and vocation from harvesting are significant impacts. +1 for all of this
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    Snap-placement Planting

    Is it possible to bring back or impliment the snap-placment planting that we saw in later AA instances? Unlike bots who place perfectly every time, us humans have to eyeball it. This would be a great quality of life improvemnt for those that plant and want to pursue crafted armor vice grinding...
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    Growth stones as quest reward unable to be used

    Hello. The patch that came out on 7/25 added the growth stones as a quest reward instead of XP. We have a guildy who has done the quest chain all the way up to two crowns and it has become quite difficult for him. The notes when adding these stones said that users could use them at their own...
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    Reduce cost of swapping skill trees at low levels.

    I also remember free respecs at lvl 30 and 50 or something like that.
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    Change loyalty to 1 click per day for 9 loyalty with no timer

    +1 PLEASE DO THIS. Also like the 1 hour online idea and no buttons
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    [Announcement] Open Beta: July 22nd - July 28th

    I had similar issue. Firewally prevented from launching but didn't notify me that it blocked it. Make a firewall rule exception
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    Gold income from DGS/Abyssal

    Exactly... lets not focus on what creative way some super nerd or somebody who plays 20 hours a day gets there. The issue is disparity in gear.. not how much gold you got. Somebody will always find a way to think of something the Devs couldn't. Simply make it impossible to be further ahead...
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    Gold income from DGS/Abyssal

    I would think coin purse farming won't be as common as it was for live servers as battle pets won't be a thing. You'll have to run around and loot everything you kill. This makes it much more tedious and likely to reduce how many actually want to use this as a method of income. For those that...
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    Gold income from DGS/Abyssal

    Statue is already nerfed and must be sold to Daru/Admin. Definitely lets them see whos speed hacking or teleporting around :D
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    Gold income from DGS/Abyssal

    I have to agree that income per time investment isn't all that big for events. Live AA the most lucrative money more often than not is coin purse farming.. also why I didn't want to focus on what the issue or solution was regarding resources. To avoid any oversight of a lucrative way.. simply...
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    Gold income from DGS/Abyssal

    There are plenty of sandbox/mmos that have overcome this the gear gap issue while AA never tried to address it other than fresh starts or seasons... but that never actually addressed their underlying issue of a small % out-pacing the majority. Their expansions only made it worse as it was 100%...
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    Change the Vocation System Back to 2.9

    Right in their Q&A. https://forum.aa-classic.com/index.php?threads/update-friday-may-26-q-a-stream-transcript.86/
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    Gold income from DGS/Abyssal

    Agree with a lot of what you say... a lot of players will be in dungeon and hasla gear. To emphasize even your response, the top end should never be more than say 5% higher than what the majority of players sitting in dungeon and hasla gear are at any given point. Until the majority of players...
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    Change the Vocation System Back to 2.9

    Trees and Drills have been removed as they are a catch up mechanic.