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    Remove Rumbling Saplings from loyalty/merit

    I'm a little surprised we even need to discuss this. Sure they're 10% chance and they take 4 days loyalty which means you're missing out on something else but they're still broken. Illegal tree farm pvp was one of the best parts of classic archeage and we shouldn't do anything that takes away...
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    Revert mana recovery nerfs

    On OBT I was spamming the free mana pots and still struggling :(
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    Golden Tokens For Mounts/Gliders

    I agree with this, and it can wait until a few weeks in but if that's the case they shouldn't be made available for loyalty at the start or we have the same problem. Getting a meta mount/glider is huge personal progression, especially the first one and I really don't like the idea of it being...
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    Golden Tokens For Mounts/Gliders

    https://discord.com/channels/1095780016945631325/1134487875287785602/1134487875287785602 Originally brought up by Tequila in the big discord thread about archeum, points and shit. Locking mounts/gliders behind only loyalty kinda sucks and introduces a problem unchained had where you have so...
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    AA Classic Regrade Simulator

    worst one yet, spent 27k on breaking at celes
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    Should Majestic Trees And Mining Drills Be Removed?

    They shouldn't be available for any cost until the playerbase is dead enough to not support supplying logs/stone/metal the normal way. It doesn't matter if it's 100k vocation or the equivalent vocation for that many pine trees, they bypass the time, proficiency, and land requirements you need...
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    Should Majestic Trees And Mining Drills Be Removed?

    I think there's no need for them, maybe introduce later when the server starts to slow down to the point required materials aren't being provided via logging/mining.
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    Add the community center kill bounties into the game

    Even though we have the old bsb quests and trading for gilda with the extra items getting added for gilda as well as lack of alts and even limited character slots for running green quests I don't think it would be too much to include these kill quests as an extra source to make up for it.
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    Introduce Unidentified Grimoire Crafting

    please darus
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    AA Classic Regrade Simulator

    I updated it to include the three charms in the announcement and their prices. For the old version with all the charms you can use https://teajayaa.atwebpages.com/regradetestold.html
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    AA Classic Regrade Simulator

    http://teajayaa.atwebpages.com/regradetest.html It's rough cause I'm not good at web stuff and half of it is written by chatgpt but I knocked up a regrade simulator so I can get the urge to gamble out of my system without wasting all my gold in game. It's only using t1 1h obsidian weapons as...
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    Revert mana recovery nerfs

    I can take or leave #3 but wasn't that the case in the earlier patches? I remember we could eat in combat but it not being OP, did damage interrupt the cast time of eating it or something?
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    Wolfhound Is A Bit Buggy

    The trigger range for pet (also used wolfhound while leveling) aggro radius in defensive mode seems bugged. If you range attack a mob it won't engage until it's <5m away. I don't remember that being the case on live, it feels as if the server is lagging and it takes that long to realise but...
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    I made a Mistake

    Archeworld scam artist, I watched the first few seconds and he says he's going to be playing that for the next few years so I'm not at all interested in what he has to say tbh.
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    Reduce price of Solar Scarecrow Farm

    Yeah there was some discussion about these before since we need to introduce the luna and stellar versions. Listing all 3 100-150 gilda each would be about right imo.
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    Global chat channel

    I know this was brought up in discord and aguru wasn't keen but thought I'd bring it up here and try to sell it. Everyone is on the discord anyway so it doesn't take anything away from the game like it did on launch where the other side were often a bit of an unknown. People are going to get...
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    Add 1 Specialization Snowflake to MSQ

    Yeah that or make them 20g or something, they were always just discreet p2w items anyway, they always worked out cheaper to buy with credits
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    Labor potion craft [Untradable]

    Was posted before and I still think if you want to help people that can't play every day increase the labor cap to 2/3 days worth. If you can't get on to spend 5min burning labor on processing, crafting, taxes or something you probably can't get on to spend 2min bottling it so this making things...