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    Create new PvP events to revive dead zones [PvP] [Open World]

    By the time AA got to Unchained, it was already several versions later, a radically different game.
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    Create new PvP events to revive dead zones [PvP] [Open World]

    In original AA, the most active PVP was when farming Hasla tokens was a thing, because for equal effort, anybody could become equally geared. When people feel they have a chance, they actively engage in PVP... win some, lose some. It's when original AA started the whale-sale gear imbalance...
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    Fishing is really dead

    Not only that, I've been watching the overgeared Ayanad folks exterminating the fishers. Wonder how long that's gonna last.
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    Disconnected from game and EXE disappears from folder!!!!!

    It sounds like what my antivirus does. You might have to restore it and make an exception for it. Worth a shot.
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    Changes to Commerce Packs

    It's not a disadvantage if you have the same opportunity to become a fisherman. Also, running land packs is generally safe, esp through war zones in peacetime... whereas fishing raids are subject to open world PVP.
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    When you buy the card in PLaycardexpress, you get to redeem it for a code. You copy that code...

    When you buy the card in PLaycardexpress, you get to redeem it for a code. You copy that code... and using the guide on forums, go to your launcher, under account-log in then press the donate tab... pick the same price in card for game... say $20... and on THAT gamecard apply the code. Then...
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    872 Affected on land grab?

    I was affected by land grab because Aguru loaded a new anticheat that kicked my virus defender into overdrive and by the time I could remedy it with nothing on forums to help, hours had passed and all land was taken leaving me poor, penniless, and forsaken... even without hope of extra compensation.
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    Regrade failure rate, Lucky scrolls priced out of reach of most of playerbase!

    Okay, this is what happened to original AA that led to Hiram gear.. We have a system originally designed for a Korean audience where XLgames themselves did gold-selling.. so they created a number of systems in the game to harshly banish huge amounts of gold... instituted originally an extremely...
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    Safe Housing Zone

    They might as well... the gear disparity is already so ridiculous the average player has zero chance PVP.
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    i really really want to play this...

    The game was designed by XLgames which allowed RMT in Korea and in fact sold gold themselves. There are several inherently unfair bottlenecks in game, land being one. If you weren't there on land rush... if you weren't in an organized guild that totally annihilated poor soloists... then you're...
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    Balance regrading to be less luck based

    While extremely poor... I bought two extremely expensive charms and failed both attempts at Heroic to unique. I cannot even afford to regrade further... While, at the same time Castle guilds and RMTers are decked out in divine Ayanad and also prevent the 85% weaker people from getting their...
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    Name Change

    Also wondering if the Daru's can implement a name change in the marketplace for purchase by credits? If not if there some way people can make request?
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    The gods have disconnected you!

    Sorry to hear that. Aguru said he packed the anticheat and it gets flagged by most antivirus programs as a false positive. You have to make an exception for the AAClassic launcher and Daruguard.dll it's possible something like that is snagging you. Another option is to uninstall and reinstall...
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    Make Sunpoints, drop from crates again like 2.9

    Hi... I was late joining the server, and had a lvl 40 when the Castle claim went down. At that time Aguru released a Daru anticheat that was flagged by my antivirus. I was unable to play during the critical time... not because of my stupidity. We didn't even have a forum guide or directions to...
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    Make Sunpoints, drop from crates again like 2.9

    Do you not get the part about the majority of the playerbase not having any land in Auroria to place braziers and logs? The land is limited by design. People have hoarded massive amounts of land that isn't even being used precisely to prevent others from having access. Castle guilds have the...
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    Land blockers

    If he owns 2 gazebos, a crafting house, and a farmhouse.. he can plant enough mats to create a bombshell potion industry!
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    Housing issues - increase taxation

    We can argue tit for tat basically the problem is there isn't enough land to support the server population with a passive income... this was done by deliberate game design to cause people to rely on RMT (legal in Korea) and paying for alt accounts. The only point of concern isn't redesigning...
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    Housing issues - increase taxation

    Good plots in desirable locations like Auroria.. that 16x16 plot costs anywhere from 1k to 2500k. Original Archeage FAILED for many reasons, namely not enough land for everyone to have a steady means of income.. and exclusively high wealth generating land available ONLY to exclusionary Castle...
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    The gods have disconnected you!

    I had this problem and my fix was open the C:\\AAclassic\documents folder then go to the system.cfg and edit under notepad. change r_driver = "DX11" to r_driver = "DX9" Make sure your desired ratio is the default.. because a lot of crashes are from taxing the graphics driver. r_width = 2560...
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    Make Sunpoints, drop from crates again like 2.9

    You still can earn Lord's Coin and plant the Twilight Tree for logs w/o PVP which are exclusively for use with Auroria land... whereas somebody w/o Auroria land can't plant braziers and grow points. Albeit Auroria IS supposed to be an open world PVP contested hotspot.. which is why I also...