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AA Classic New Player Guide (2024)

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Greetings! I am the Daru Badalu! The Darupedia is my personal collections of interesting infos from the old and archived texts of the Ayanad Library.
I will do my best to gather knowledges of the past and present them to you for use in your journeys back into the world of ArcheAge: Classic!

Todays Excerpt!
Starting AA Classic as a New Player! (2024)


The purpose of this guide is to guide new players coming into AA Classic in giving them the tools and information needed to hit the ground running once starting on our server.

If you are a player that enjoys the nostaliga/mystery/satisfaction of finding your own way in sandboxy world of ArcheAge, then this guide is not for you!

If you've already played ArcheAge once or twice or twelve times in the past, you'll want to follow along so you can get to what many players consider the meat and potatos of the game as quickly as possible.​

Starting off:​

You'll want to get your settings in place before you start playing of course. It's recommended that all players take a few moments to set up their hotkeys/action bars, preferred functions etc. Once you do this, you will want to go to CHARACTER SELECT and then EXIT THE GAME completely to ensure all of your settings are saved. If you forget this and crash, ArcheAge is notorious for resetting any changes you made but did not save by going to Char Select.

Here are some settings I recommend you use for some QOL things.
  • Game Settings
    • Name Info
      • Disable Friendly and Enemy Pet/Summon Names
      • Uncheck Display Nation Name
    • Game Info
      • Check Show Health Stats
      • Check Show Mana Stats
      • Check Close Tutorial
      • Check View Frame Rate
    • Functionality
      • Skill Deployment Location (This is a preference for many players, I recommend you see what it does and decide if its for you)
      • Disable Camera Shake Effects
      • Disable Quest Dialogue Close-ups (Unless you're roleplaying/reading Lore)
      • Learn where the "Disable Travel Through Other Players' Portals" option is, you'll want to use it when fighting against players trying to grief you.
      • If your PC is bad, Show Default Player Appearances can be helpful for your gameplay experience.
      • Disable Chat Filter, the game's innate filter makes a lot of words censored for no reason and its more harm than good.
After that, just set all your Hotkeys how you like them, adjust your chat windows if you want and AGAIN!!! GO TO CHAR SELECT TO SAVE YOUR SETTINGS!!! You will save your self a ton of agony.


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Step 1: Leveling As Your Chosen Race​

Almost everyone hates leveling and let's admit it, its not ArcheAge's strong suit. With that being said we've modified the Main Story Questline (Or Green Quests as many players will call them) to give players a few boosts as needed to propel them more quickly towards the more interesting part of the game.
What you will want to do here is find your First GREEN quest for your chosen race and just only do those. We've added everything you need as rewards to them so there's nothing to worry about in regards to missing something from the optional side quests ("Yellow Quests").
We've also added GROWTHSTONES to certain quest milestones to make sure your character can appropriately level out of the zone with skipping the yellow quests.
See this guy? We don't like this guy.You'll want to do these ones only.We've added basic mounts/gliders/equipment sets etc to green quests only. So just follow along them.Certain Quests will Provide Exp Growthstones to quickly level your Character

Each race usually throws a small "gotcha" during the leveling process here, if you get stuck, feel free to ask in our community help section on discord, your friends, or read the quest flavor text as it usually as context on where you need to head next.
Also, when talking to Recruiter NPC's for quests, the Crimson Omen's Quest will have to be accepted first before the Green Quests you need shows up.

Keep doing these quests until you've completed the "Heading to Halcyona" Quest!
  • For Haranya, there is a Portal in Caernord (Ynystere) that will Teleport you to Halcyona
  • Nuia races can just walk south to Halcyona as needed
Once you've Arrived in Solisa You should be looking similar to this
Use all the Adventurer's Growthstones and Open the last Equipment Gear box of your choice before moving on!


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Step 2: Finish the Main Story Quest Line​

(If you started on our server in 2023, you'll start to notice some changes here as we've added additional XP Stones and made a few other updates to help new players get into the mix of things quicker now)
All of the quests here on forward are the same for every race and mostly a few quick "find this NPC" quest. You'll want to continue completing these Main Story Quests (Green Quests Only) through Halcyona, Hellswamp and then Sandeep until you've completed the Quest: Across the Sea
WARNING: These Zones (especially Halcyona) may sometimes be randomly littered with PvP and the Halcyona War Event, so your safety is no longer promised in these zones going forward.

Once you complete this quest you'll be left staring out over the ocean here.
Use the rest of the Growthstones newly provided by the quest completion now until you are at least Level 45.


Now you can use your teleport Book to Teleport straight Kroloal Cradle for the next Green Quest!
The next quest will require you to zone into Kroloal Cradle and a quick interaction. You can zone in solo here no worries.
Sprinkle the Petals on this fire place just inside the entrance and continue following the Green Quest Line along.
-- Arra's Ingriedients have had the multiple flowers requirement removed (aka Poppy Gate)
Once completed there is a portal at the top of the Tower to Karkasse Ridgelands.

I recommend you use the new growthstones given to you again now before moving on to the next step.
Once you're done with that you should at least be Level 50 depending on what kind of antics you may have gotten up to while leveling.
Now you can move on to the next step!

PS: Thank You Royce for Helping me With a Few of these quests :)



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Step 3 - Claiming Your Catch Up Gear​

Congrats on reaching level 50 - now what you will want to do is go to our Website! - aa-classic.to

Log In to your account on the Top Right of the Website and then go to your Profile.

Once you are one your profile, go to the CART and you should see the following:
Hit Redeem and then select your character to have the gear sent to.
You only get to claim this gear on ONE CHARACTER.
Once the claim is done (you may get an error, its fine)
Go back to in-game and check your MARKETPLACE MAIL and claim the package.
Equip all your gear and use what you want!


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Step 4 (Optional) - Getting to Auroria​

As a new player, you could go about your business however you want at this point, but we've made a few more changes to assist players in leveling if they choose to move on with the MAIN STORY QUEST (Green Quests)
At Level 51, you will have no restrictions from playing normally - but we recommend continuing the questline for some extra boosts in leveling.

Continue your questline until You've Reached the Following Quest: The Riven Gates
This quest is a faction based quest that you will need a raid to complete during the Hateful Ocleera Rift Spawn.
Rally your friends and head to Diamond Shores during the event.

- Now if for some reason your faction doesn't feel like doing it, you are also able to complete the quest by simply being present when the Ocleera spawns, hit it once and even if you die, just lay there until the boss is killed, you will still receive quest completion.

I recommend you complete this quest as it now rewards a large amount of additional growthstones on top of opening up a few other quests that give you a head start into crafting your new gear.
And after that, that's it! You're all set to continue your adventures on AA Classic!
It will take about 3-4 hours to get to the Riven Gates Quest with a moderate pace. Quicker if you have someone teleport to locations instead of having to make the walk. ;)
If you ever have any questions regarding anything else feel free to stop by the discord and ask the Player Helpers.

Few Other Tips:
  • Utilize the XP Tonics while questing/leveling post level 50
  • When burning Labor, make sure you pop the PROFESSIONAL TONICS for massive xp gains.
  • You can craft Bound Tax Certificates at anyone's farm/building as well for a quick labor burn if you find yourself struggling to burn labor early on after Level 50.
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