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[Announcement] Preview: Veroe Harvest Festival - 1.2.0

Greetings adventurers,
As part of our big 1.2.0 patch, we'd like to showcase one of the big new things: The previously mentionned new Faction versus Faction event!

The Veroe Harvest Festival​

In the shadow of Veroe, the Harvest Festival is marked by a unique tradition. Near a mysterious cemetery, living flowers infused with a subtle magic bloom, consuming rice as their sustenance. During the festival, two rival merchants engage in a spirited competition, each employing adventurers to battle these peculiar flowers. Their goal is not just to harvest the rice but to bravely confront and defeat any enemy standing in their way. As these mercenaries fight for the bountiful harvest, the festival becomes a thrilling display of courage and strategy, with the Veroe Tower overseeing the lively event.

Event Steps​

Hasla goes to war​

Similar to Halcyona, when Hasla goes to war, worldgates will spawn in each capital (and Diamond Shores) to quickly teleport to your new Faction Base in Veroe
(Note: With 1.2.0, Hasla's conflict cycle will be adjusted to accomodate the event timer)

An NPC will spawn here to take in a participation quest.
You'll find the location of the faction bases on images below.

The Merchants start recruiting​

The representatives will recruit for the first 10 minutes before the conflict begins. Both faction bases always grant invincibility to their faction member. This period serves as a buffer to let everyone have time to join it before the event starts. During this period, you will find quest NPCs related to the event, allowing you to prepare for the upcoming conflict. You'll of course be able to go out and scout the area, or fight against the enemies that venture outside of their base!

And so it begins...​


Players will have to collect [Hasla Quality Rice] from monsters that spawn in the yellow circle, near the rice fields.
Depending on the faction, they will have to bring 10 high quality rice to their faction base (the red and sword markers on the map) to craft a [Hasla Quality Rice Bundle].

Farming Monsters​

In the outlined area below, Rice-eating Flowers will spawn, dropping rice which can be traded and used to craft the rare packs!
1704990754279.png 1704990814414.png
10 Quality Rice will be required to craft a pack

Bring the pack to Veroe​

So you've obtained a pack...
This pack will need to be brought back to Veroe Tower and turned in to their respective faction representative:

In total, 20 of these packs will need to be brought to one of the turn in stations for the event to end

A faction wins​

Winning the event will allow a faction to have an envoy on top of Veroe tower. The envoy will allow completion of the Winner quest, granting even more rewards!

The idea behind this event is to mesh a form of Capture the Flag with other loved ArcheAge mechanics like tradepacks. We think it'll provide the opportunity for players to use creative strategies to win. Maybe camping chokepoints, doing the long loop around Veroe or whatever else may come to mind.
The full details aren't shown here as we finalize every decision over rewards and timers, but these will be announced soon enough!

We hope you'll like this event, and this post is here to collect feedback before it makes it to live so we can adjust if the community has good ideas!
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