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Gearing Overview

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Greetings! I am the Daru Badalu! The Darupedia is my personal collections of interesting infos from the old and archived texts of the Ayanad Library.
I will do my best to gather knowledges of the past and present them to you for use in your journeys back into the world of ArcheAge: Classic!

Todays Excerpt!
Gearing in ArcheAge Classic!
(As of Base 3.0)

What many adventurer might run into is the problem of ... what the hecks does you dos to get strong now? Where is my Hiram gear and synthesis items?
Well adventurer, you're in for a great surprise! In ArcheAge Classic, you are allowed the great pleasure of crafting and creating your own gear again and combinations again!

Gear acquired in classic can basically be categorized into three different categories:

  • Crafted Gear - This gear is the gear you craft up through the tiers for upgradable versions to get to the next one.
  • Obsidian Gear - This gear requires you to acquire various materials and pieces from through the world and its creatures to upgrade.
  • World Gear - This gear normally drops in an as is state - but don't let that stop you from using it! There's tons of neat tricks a lot of this gear comes with!

So lets talk about these a little bit now!

Crafted Gear
The original sets of Armor that ArcheAge started with is notorious for its difficulty in upgrading due to having to pray to the gods that each upgrade you make will result in the right version of the weapon that allows you to go to the next tier. The benefits making this gear is that its raw stats are often much higher than its equal tiered counter parts.

Weapons are standalone powerhouses of raw DPS while the armors come with various set bonuses that require you to wear either 4 or 7 (of 7 total Armor Pieces) in a set to activate their effects. Here are some samples of crafted gear!

To create crafted gear, you must craft the lowest tier of the item you want and then upgrade it all the way through the tiers until you've ended up at a non-upgradeable version or gotten the one you wanted! Players must be patient with going for crafted gear as there is a lot of variety when making it and often some upsets when your desired result is not correct when unsealing your newly crafted gear.

For Example! If you want to make a Sword - You must craft the following in this order!
Craftsman's Summer Sword > Artificer's Summer Sword > Conqueror's Summer Sword > Sealed Illustrious Sword > Seal Magnificent Sword > Sealed Epherium Sword > Seal Delphinad Sword > Sealed Ayanad Sword

Now wait a minute, why are those last 5 bolded and called SEALED instead? Well adventurer, that's where the fun starts! When you open a seal weapon you can get 1 of few different types of equipment. (1 of 4 for Illustrious/Magnificent or 1 of 7 for Epherium/Delphinad/Ayanad) And only ONE of those versions let you upgrade to the next tier!

(Keep in mind that each type of upgradable differs per what armor/weapon you are making!)

Here is another example - for Swords, you can only upgrade it if it is a SUMMER sword. So when you open your Sealed Magnificent Sword for example, it can be one of these 4.


So only if its a Magnificent SUMMER sword can you upgrade it to the next tier! (Epherium)

What's that?
"That's stupid Daru, what do I do with it if its not the upgradable one I need?"

Well - there's a few things actually!
  1. You can still use the gear anyways! A lot of players use Mag+ weapons as a stepping stone weapon while they work for stronger ones!​
  2. Dismantle it! When you dismantle Crafted Gear at Illustrious or Above - it will give you a Mana Wisp! Which you need to Make Obsidian Gear!​
  3. Use the item for style points! Some players will use neat looking items over uglier but more powerful items.​
  4. Get upset and throw a tantrum! While this is not the best option, we are all only Daru after all!​
  5. Whatever else you can come up with!

But either way - if you choose to go for Crafted Gear - make sure you're ready to farm many materials and archeum and look forward to having some of those strongest raw stat gear you can get in ArcheAge Classic!



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Next up is - Obsidian Gear!
Obsidian gear are powerful pieces of equipments that require an adventurer wander the world for different materials from different enemies and locations. The benefit of Obsidian Gear is that it is more of a direct approach to getting what you want without the gambling of opening the seal versions of what you need with Crafted Gear.

Obsidian is also known for its power effects that come PER PIECE of gear and do not require sets to activate.
They are also known for being bound. Once a player decides to equip an Obsidian Piece, it is stuck with them forever or until they Seal it again with the next upgrade!

Here are some examples of Obsidian Gear!

"Wait a second Badalu - that shortspear has healing power on it?"
Why yes adventurer! Another neat thing about Obsidian is that it opened up the possibility of what many players call HYBRID classes as it provided gear that support multiple class archetypes. So a Battlerage Player could pick up an Obsidian Shortspear and still do decent MELEE damage while picking up Vitalism and still be able to heal!

I recommend you try going Battlerage/Defense/Vitalism and playing a PALADIN so you can be tanky melee player that can heal themselves! Trust me! All of your friends and enemies alike will revel in your prowess!

To upgrade Obsidian Gear - you must collect a few things called a Mana Wisp and then the corresponding materials to upgrade your gear. For example!

To make an Obsidian Sword
You will need one "One-Hander Mana Wisp" and 10 Malevolent Obsidian. (And 8 gold of course)
The wisp you get from Dismantling CRAFTED gear (and a few other niche methods) of the same type.
The higher quality of the crafted gear, the more wisps you will get.

You can upgrade Obsidian Gear up to SIX times (from T1, the base form to T7, the final form) and when deciding on what T4 version you want, you can specialize your weapon even further.
Here two version of the T4 Obsidian Sword You can make for example.
So as you can see one version of the sword is a tankier option while the other is for straight damage.
This is a common theme for all obsidian gear, which is being able to customize small parts of your build/gearing more to your liking!

A word to the wise though, higher tier obsidian gear requires more and more rare and sought after materials to upgrade!
Make sure you have the means or the tenacity to get what you need if pursuing this!

Like this! If you are planning on making a T6 Obsidian Katana - be prepared to acquire this rare material from the highly contested and sought after Anthalon - who only drops these when he's defeated!


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Finally we have the World Gear!

Now why do I call this world gear? Well because you find it dropped out in the world of course!
World Gear comes in equivalents all types of crated gear tiers (for example a certain set of gear some would say are about equivalent in strength to Delphinad Gear power for example)

What is the benefit of World Gear? Well some world gear is extremely powerful or come with very powerful or unique effects (and normally are equally difficult to acquire) while others are excellent and servicable stepping stones to use while you put all your hard earned resources towards the final Crafted or Obsidian gear choices you have decided on.

World Gear is usually Bind on Equip unless found in Instances (Like Greater Dungeons or Serpentis) in which case it is bind on pick up!
So be careful not to accidentally take your friends gear they might need if you don't! (Or do take it because this is ArcheAge and you have the freedom to choose).

Lets look at some different types of World Gear!

Greater Dungeon and Instance Gear
You can find 4 (or 9) other friends and venture in many different Greater Dungeons/Instances for max level players and find gear of various strengths.
Most of this gear is what many would call "Magnificent Equivalent" so a player could farm Greater Dungeons and use this gear and be as powerful as another who crafted a full set of Magnificent Gear.

Here are some samples.

You'll notice these have very unique effects and come in different amounts (3sets/4sets/7sets etc)
You can also venture into other Instances for stronger as well such as Serpentis and the Sea of Drowned Love which drops very powerful set gear and is Epherium Equivalent and eventually Mistsong Summit, which drops Delphinad equivalent gear.
Finally - all Instance gear can also have its GRADE upgrading by farming the dungeon you got it from and using those materials to upgrade them!

For Example - you can farm Greater Dungeons and use the Abyssal Shards and Eternal Winter Chills
to make this Helmet Unique from Heroic


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World Drop Gear
This is gear that can be farmed or dropped by killing mobs in the open world of Erenor - they also come in various strengths/stats/abilities.

Some of note are the Lost Garden Gear which drops from Mobs in Auroria and are a little under Epherium equivalent items.

Another set of weapons one can acquire are from rifts up in the Hasla Mountains where mobs will drop tokens for their own unique set of weapons that are also Epherium equivalents such as

There are other drops out there too with just raw stats such as these items that drop while killing mobs in the Ayanad Library which a little below Delphinad weapon power!


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Now for what is probably some of the most contested gear you can get in the game.
World Boss Gear
World bosses are beings that inhabit the world of Erenor that masses of players will fight (both each other and the boss) to defeat for its rewards. There is a lot of action revolving around these bosses for the gear they drop (on top of other rewards) are insanely powerful and often huge tide changers with how effective they can be.

They vary in raw power from Delphinad to Ayaand equivalent gear as well in their base state which means just using one alone for its raw stats can put a player leagues ahead of their peers who are still working to craft their gear up!

These are just some samples of the items World Bosses can Drop

The Kraken

The Red Dragon
Thunderwing Titan

You'll have to rally tons of friends and allies to tackle these bosses effectively with a bit of social savvy if you plan to get ahold of some of these items.
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