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How to use the /linktogame command on discord to gain access

Copied from Tecchi on discord

Ok i got it, im gonna put a guide in here because the devs didnt for some inexplicable reason. Hopefully everyone can read it.
  1. accept Rules in the rules channel by clicking the tick
  2. choose role in choose-roles channel by clicking the coloured reaction
  3. restart discord, now the /linktogame command will appear
  4. in general-chat type /linktogame command will appear from bot, press enter
  5. DARUBOT will reply with a link, click on it (You must be logged in to aa-classic website first!)
  6. if it fails with "application did not respond" keep retyping the command until it gives you a link
  7. after your account is linked restart AA Classic launcher. You should now be able to launch the game


New member
does not work.
I don’t understand what’s wrong, I followed all the steps. but the link did not appear.