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Sports Fishing

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Greetings! I am the Daru Badalu! The Darupedia is my personal collections of interesting infos from the old and archived texts of the Ayanad Library.
I will do my best to gather knowledges of the past and present them to you for use in your journeys back into the world of ArcheAge: Classic!

Today's Excerpt!
Sports Fishing!
(Patch 1.7 Version)
Something that has come up many a times in the stories of the old world is that the laws and regulations for fishing large game has changed many a times through out Erenor's history. A common theme is that the fishermen preferred the older versions of fishing compared to the new ones, so we have worked dutifully to bring you that version.
Here is a short write up on how one who plans to enjoy Sports Fishing in ArcheAge Classic can get started!
To participate in Sports Fishing - you will need to prepare the following things.
1. A Fishing Rod!
- There are various kinds of fishing rods in ArcheAge, the higher the quality the rod, the easier the time you will have catching big game.

- Fishing rods are equipped in your main hand slot - and once it is equipped - a new set of skills will appear for you to use.
WARNING: Various skills may be disabled when the rod is equipped, make sure you equip your regular weapon if.... you need to defend yourself from non-fish entities.

The first two commands are to decide what kind of fishing you want to do.
1. Regular Fishing for Small fish
2. Sports Fishing for Large Fish
3. Stand Firm Left - An Action for Reeling in Large Fish
4. Stand Firm Right - An Action for Reeling in Large Fish
5. Give Slack - An Action for Reeling in Large Fish
6. Reel In - An Action for Reeling in Large Fish
7. Big Reel In - An Action for Reeling in Large Fish
Actions 3-7 will come into play later when you've managed to hook for your first large fish.
2. A Boat!
- Any boat will do here, however for this guide we'll be talking about the most common boat people will use to fish. The Fish-Find Longlinger! People use this boat because it comes with many luxuries associated with sports fishing such as: A Chum Bucket to purchase chum from, trade pack storage, large and extra large fish storage and a fish finding radar default equipped!


3. Some sort of fishing proficiency!
- This isn't MANDATORY, but you will want this skill to be as high as possible to make catching large fish easier. Its not to say its IMPOSSIBLE to catch large fish with no proficiency, but there might be better ways to spend your time other wise. You can level this proficiency ahead of time by bait fishing in small bodies of water or shorelines.
4. Chum!
- This will vary based on what kind of sport fishing you plan on doing - make sure you use the right times for fresh water or salt water fishing.
You can make these by crafting it with various amounts of small fishes caught with bait fishing.

Once you've got all that settled - head to the nearest shore, get your boat out and and get ready to find some fish!
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Ok, so you've got all the tools of trade prepared - what do you do now?

Well you'll want to head to the nearest shore - summon your boat, hop on the wheel and just sail out a bit out to the open water.
Once there, hop on (or have a friend) hop on the Fish Finding Radar and scan the area around you for an active swarm of fish in the water.
Once you get on the Radar - pull up your map. And look around for a marked fish icon. As you can see here I've found a salt water fish school.

Mark it on your map and hop back on the wheel and sail over to it!

Once you arrive, you'll see a flock of seagulls surrounding the school as a signal that you've found it.
Notice that you will often find other fishermen out on the water. Sometimes the bonds of Fishing brother hood supercede faction alliances and the like.

.... Sometimes they do not. Always be on your guard in the open ocean.



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Once you've settled in - use the chum from your inventory and toss it into the school of fish to get them frenzied. You'll be able to fish in that pool now once you have.

Something unique about the older fishing system is that once you find a school of fish, its guaranteed to only have that type of fish there. So here you see we've found a school of sailfish, which isn't too bad, so we'll catch one or two. Marlin are the big boys you want to look for though.

Once the fish are all stirred up, grab a lure for your rod from the bucket and use the "Sport Fishing" command.


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Once you've tossed your line out - just wait for a bit til you hook a fish.

Once you hook a fish, target your fish and then the battle is on!
You will want to watch your Fish's buff bar and look for the Icons that pop up and then use the ability that matches that icon.
As you can see here, the Fish is using LEAP which matches the BIG REEL IN action on our Fishing Rod special actions.
So hit that action before the timer expires. If you miss it, your fish will get stressed and swim further away from you.
If it Swims too far or gets to stressed, it'll get away and you'll have to hook a new fish and start over.
For every successful Reel in or Big Reel In action you complete, your fish's HP/Stamina will decrease. Just keep going at it until your fish's stamina is completely depleted.

This is a defeated fish, once you've hit 0, your fish will pass out in the ocean and float to the surface, dive in and pick it up!


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Once your fish has been snuggly attached to your backpack, swim on back to your ship and if you're using a special fishing boat, you can store it on the tank the ship comes with.
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Also, while carrying your fish, you'll this special action pop up. If for some reason you do not want the fish, you can Release it which will set the fish free into the ocean, never to be see again.​
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So once you've nabbed your first fish - you have two options. You can store and go fishing again until your boat is full!
Or - you can hightail it out of there to get paid.

Either option is fine - just remember though, the longer you are out there fishing, the higher the chance that some .... unfriendlies might find you, so its up to you to weigh the risks of fishing longer or not!

If you decide that you've fished long enough, hop back on your wheel and sail back to the nearest city with a port. They will have a fishing stand such as the one seen below in which you can then grab the fish out of your boat and turn it into the stand and get paid.
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And that's the jist of it my friends - fishing is an activity many players enjoy - often to the point to where entire "floating cities" of fishing boats can be found huddled around a hot marlin frenzied school. Its a unique experience and decent way to stock up your coffers.

Just always remember that with the great rewards that fishing can bring - it brings just as greater risks, so always be on your look out and have fun!


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Boop - an update - the chum required per school of fish!
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