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Allow Side Quests to remain accessible at Higher Levels


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With ArcheAge, XLGames made the baffling decision to have upper level caps on side quests, meaning that many quests can never be gone back to be completed. What this means is that unless you do these quests, at level, you are permanently locked from the story and rewards, often including transmog gear. This has been is worsened by the shutdown of many ArcheAge resources such as ArcheAge Fashion which can now only be partially accessed through the Wayback Machine.

For new-ish ArcheAge players such as myself, this means that we miss out on lore and context to get immersed further into the world - admittedly ArcheAge quests are not the most incredibly written, but to lock them off entirely makes no sense.

This has been further exacerbated on this particular server due to the increased xp rate, as well as the tax certs meta, incentivising doing minimal sidequesting beyond the MSQ. Furthermore the character cap makes it even more difficult to try out different stories.

My proposal would simply be to remove the upper level cap on side quests to allow us to explore at our leisure. I do not believe this would have any negative effects as all the quest rewards are outclassed by anything at max level, and for levelling alt specs it could serve as a less optimal alternative to using growth stones or crafting tax certs. It would be the same as how FFXIV has managed its suboptimal sidequests.

I appreciate that this is not a high dev priority, however I do think it is important for new players such as myself, as well as for especially the RP community more largely to continue being excited by the world and the story lore of Archeage.

(As an aside, can we please have an overhaul of the current transmog system through Fusion Alembics? It was clearly built in its current form to compel people to buy costumes from the store, as to create and apply a skin to a single full set of gear using in-game items as images, it costs around 50 Fusion Alembics amounting to 1000g. This is extremely predatory and it would fully be in line with AAC's goals in countering XLGames' greedy monetisation to rework this system)
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I agree. It's a very weird and world-shortening decision to not allow you to complete sidequests. I can only assume it was exclusively to get you to "pay to look pretty" through the costume shop. Many things in the original Archeage are designed around paying, so this would not surprise me.


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It isn't ideal to depend on alt creation to experience zone storylines, as the alt will level up quickly and then need to be repeatedly deleted. Optionally enabling lower level quests seems like a good idea to support players who care about the world and wish they could be better immersed in it. All of that quests/plots fleshes out the setting & backstory, what's going on, who's who, etc.