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Buff Fellowship Packs


New member
So as a member of a fellowship family. I agree with Birdy. Fellowships add some variety to the commerce runner. Sadly building these (whether u block them or not) feel pointless because they are stuck in the in between of patches. Prior to vocation all seeds/saplings were bought with gold. Fellowship packs weren't a big deal if you were willing to sink the gold into them. 80 peanut isn't so bad if you are willing to wait the day growth for it. After vocation and the pack overhaul with the addition of Gilda packs, fellowship packs became very vocation heavy. So... you would have to plant an entire 16 worth of bundles of a vocation seed to do one pack. Now even if you did invest the time, farm space and vocation ... you end up making packs that are only 1-2g more than the zone pack.... and the ONLY advantage is the percentage being guaranteed at 130 which still doesn't make up for the investment in them.
My suggestion would be to lower the cost of raw material (aloe, peanut, corn....etc) per pack or raise the value of the pack itself at turn in.