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[Custom Content] Justice For Piggy Wiggle Is Justice For All


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Gather my brothers and sisters and hear this a plea of the people from their hearts to the ears of the blue skinned devils. Eight fortnights ago we launch on our journey and although we’ve created many a memorable moments it saddens me to think that every step we took could have been a step taken along side a noble and majestic companion. Open your eyes my brothers and sisters we have been robbed! Robbed….robbed of joys we could have felt, robbed of a feeling of completion, robbed of a friend you didn’t know you had but felt the absence nonetheless, and given instead cheap distractions to keep you from knowing the truth but for a moment. My brothers and sisters I ask you today. How much longer!!?
How much longer are you willing to suffer in silence while our companion is trapped in a 2D prison, merely a sticker in our chats and not a steed beneath our loins. BROTHERS AND SISTERS I ask you to do what is right!!! Take to the streets of Marianople and the alleyways of Austera and preach to the skies our cry for justice!!

The Daru are a shrewd people but they are not without heart. If our cries reach them surely they would do the just thing and set right this unjust precedent. Below will be but a taste of what we are owed, a simple image but I ensure you my brothers and sisters you will feel an incredible joy followed by immense and profound sorrow, because if you are not yet aware you will be made so to that which you are missing.

(For the Daru: The following concept art was made using the model for baby boar prior to growing into the full grown boar mounts. My idea with my limited knowledge of how coding or anything game related works is: We take the existing model and expand it so its a larger size that would fit characters better then make custom bubble armor using some existing bubble assets or someshit idk man that part is for you guys to figure out i just want the pig cuz God I love that pig.)