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( Limit number of Resident tokens per character per day to each Comm center) Fix Resident Income + Help the Housing/Land situation in one adjustment.


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Resident income days are pointless for a vast majority of players currently.
The reasons are threefold.
1. Some players have homes in every zone and currently exploit that fact to get the lion's' share of the resident income in that zone or several zones by turning all resident tokens into One Zone.
2. The math that currently calculates the resident payout is badly skewed towards live initial launch day thinking which did not account for factors. 1 and 3 .
3. There is not enough land available for many players to be actively pursuing resident income through resident tokens because they do not have homes.
It is my belief that simply by limiting the number of resident tokens any one character can turn in to any one community center, you will change three factors in the server positively.
1. Players will spread their tokens across more zones to get a more reasonable amount of the profit.
2. Players will be more apt to participate in Community Center Resident Token quests. It should be noted that some community centers ask for more readily available , and cheaper resources as donation in exchange for the resident tokens while others ask higher gold value resources . (This is unjustifiably skewing and inflating property values in some zones.)
3. Players would be more likely to NOT have 12 residences for one character. There can be more than roughly 14 players TOTAL accorss the server participating in and benefitting from the resident tokens.
This will positively affect the newcomer rate and encourage them to stay by freeing up some land for them to feel like they truly live here.
(It is also my belief that this will reduce slightly, the number of players who feel they need to run multiple accounts as they will no longer desire 12 residences for one character and then go seeking to get 12 Farms in a dishonest way.
I KNOW if you look at this math Daru, that you will easily see that this idea hurts very very few players gameplay and improves and varies the gameplay of sooo many.
Thank you for hearing us out in these forums.
As an example , one can do the dailies for 30 days in Arcum Iris and turn in 3000 lumber. Payout could be around 140g Anyone at all in the cast of Life Goes On, can see that 3000 lumber is worth more than 140g