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Replace Emerald guild leader


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Our chinese guild leader who didn't speak english quit the game as well as his friend who was second in command, I am asking that guild lead be given to me, or ANYONE who is still active at this point or the guild is dead in the water and we can't continue to lvl it.

Guild in question is Emerald and the leaders name is tengen

sent out messages to the members still active and they are all okay with lead being passed to me.

can have them post here if need be.

I really had no idea where to go about rectifying this so i'm posting here.

I informed everyone still active no one would be kicked and it would still remain a prestige safe haven, just wanna potentially rename the guild and start recruiting for pvp and open world content.

my in game name is Slayersknight

also all current active officers will retain their rank just looking to recruit a pvp group and do guild stuff, no politics what so ever. there mostly chinese non english speaking players promoted by the leader who quit. Also Robber is a english speaking officer if your more comfortable giving lead to him that would be great as well.

most of us like the freedom of this guild and just wish to be able to level it further to get access to higher level gems
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Well it would appear there needs to be a login timer on guild leaders. Perhaps if they dont log in in 60 days they get swapped with an active officer?
Make it so this doesn't work with BANS and it would seem fair.
A banned guild leader forfeits his/her guild!