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Suggestions guidelines


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These are the general guidelines into posting a suggestions on the AAClassic forums

  • Develop your suggestion as much as possible. Presenting a few "Why"s (and a few "Why not"s!) will help convince people your idea deserves to be added into the game
  • Consider the various types of players when thinking about something. Your change might be great for a PvP-oriented player, but make the game miserable for others.
  • Make sure not to post ideas already presented. Organizing votes takes time, so it's better to collect feedback on a single thread
  • Be open to comments. An idea can evolve over time, other posters will be able to bring considerations you may not have thought of
  • Enable Suggestion voting. This can be done at a later time if you want the idea to be developed further.
  • Tag your thread's title with relevant categories. Examples: [PvP] [Dungeons] [Labor] ...

If you are commenting on a suggestion, please never be mean to the original poster. Maybe some ideas appear ridiculous, but it's better to receive them kindly and turn them down than insult the OP's intelligence. Not everyone has played the game for years!

Suggestions may be pinned for several days (up to a week) to give them more visibility with the community. This will help get more votes on some select topics, as a way of filtering out suggestions.
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