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trapped land


New member
Many players stop playing and join just to pay for their land.
Would it be possible to do something to make these players lose their land or something to force them to return to playing...
because the pre-payment of tax is being abused by these inactive players


Grand member
I have 4 16X16 farms and a 24X24 house. I made some mistakes placing them and had to pull them up and move them around. I wound up completely depleting my labor. Now, I need 10 stone packs, 5 metal packs and 5 wood packs to finish my house. After that, I want to pay the taxes ahead a couple of weeks so I can stay on top of things. My farms are sitting empty while I wait on my labor to recharge. So you want the people running the server to take all my land away from me and give it to you? What happens when you run into a similar situation? Do they take it all away from you and give it back to me? That does not sound like fun at all. How do you determine if someone is just gatekeeping or waiting on labor to recharge?


Grand member
Not to mention I put in a lot of time and effort acquiring those farms and house, finding a spot to place them, and then gathering all the materials to build them. If I want to let them sit there empty until doom's day, that would be incredibly stupid and wasteful of me, but I am well within my rights as long as I pay my taxes. Making alt accounts on this server seems to be nearly impossible so the housing situation isn't nearly as bad as it is on other servers. Just be patient. You can find room and if not, save up and buy a demo.