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[Update] AA Classic - Day 0 patch

This list is still being worked on daily and will contain every change made to AAClassic. It's not exhaustive yet :)
The changes here will be sourced from what we plan on introducing and what the community suggests. Things coming from suggestion threads will have a link to the thread.

General changes
  • Labor regeneration increased (10/5min >> 40/5min)
  • Loot Drop Rate has been increased by 20% across the board
  • Maximum labor increased (5000 >> 10000)
  • The sale value of Perdita Statues has been reduced greatly (1000 >> 500) and their payout will be handled manually by moderators. [THREAD]
  • The Auroran continent will not be accessible for the first 14 days of the server
    • This promotes activity in the continents and the oceans, promotes PvP in regions like Hasla for its Faded Token gear
  • Experience rate increased (100% >> 200%)
  • PvP in the Library has been enabled on floors 2 and 3
  • Neutral Guards will now be Neutral to all, even Pirates
Event changes
  • The Mirage Isle Fishing event will run for the entire day, with the fishing poles having a 1 hour duration. This allows for everyone to have a chance ! [THREAD]
Honor changes
  • The honor rate for QUESTS and NPCs has been increased (100% >> 200%)
  • The honor rate for PVP has been increased (100% >> 400%)
  • The 6 castle zones in Auroria will be at war and grant honor when fights happen there
    • For technical reasons, this system will be handled differently. At every server reset, players will gain honor based on that day's Auroran kills & assists.
  • The second gem for gearing is now guaranteed
Skill changes
  • Abyssal Skills as a whole are disabled
  • Transformation Racials are disabled
    • Balances to this have been in regards to transformations being disabled
      • Nuians now have the Cannon Damage Passive instead (From Harani)
      • Warborns have been given the Swim Speed Passive (From Elves)
      • Dwarves have been given the Fall Damage Passive (From Firran)
Item/Craft changes
  • Tradepacks requiring Gilda Stars will see their material requirements changed. [1 Gilda Star] >> [4 Gilda Dust]
  • Aria's Autograph is no longer craftable. It will make a return later on in the life of the server.
  • Guild Cloak levels have been normalized. All Guild Cloaks unlock at guild level 3.
  • A new Craftable Loot Potion has been added to balance out the removal of Loot Potions from the Marketplace
  • Archeum Tree yields have been increased by 33% to compensate for the lack of RNG Crates that usually supplied a server's Archeum
Dungeon changes
  • The Mistsong Dungeon is disabled
Vocation changes
  • Old Fishing has been restored! Pools now last a set duration and have a predefined fish type. The Darupedia will explain all of the changes involved
  • The Bluesalt Traderun quests have been adjusted. The required tradepacks will not require materials that are gated behind Combined Feed
  • Auroria required fishing spawn have been moved to the lower continents for the first two weeks to not hold up fishing endeavors in the early days.
    • Sardine can be found in Karkasse and Tigerspine
    • Mackerel can be found in Lilyut Hills and Silent Forest
  • Family Fishing has been removed from the Daily List of available Family Quests
  • Mining Drills and Majestic Trees have been removed from the Vocation Shop
  • Royal Seeds will now drop as a rare loot chance from crop bundles
  • All green "story" questlines have been reworked. This means the same levelling speed for all races and gear coming from the green quests. This normalization ends in Halcyona, where all main story quests converge
    • Non Dwarf/Warborn races will receive growthstones to match this exp gain now so players that prefer to level slowly can not use them and quest at their own pace through all the zones isntead of skipping them.
  • Loyalty Tokens will be granted on a different schedule. [5 ON LOGIN + 3x1 PER HOUR] >> [3x3 PER HOUR]
  • The FoV Mod is included by default
  • The ranking "ranges" for some event have been changed. Mirage Fishing and the Blue Ribbon contests will only grant rewards up to 500 players, down from 5000
  • Skill reset cost has been lowered. [New price: 18 copper * Player level * Number of skills. 9.9s per skill at 55]
  • The Portal Book will now allow you to search for Zone names instead of specific locations as well
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